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CFA - Video Clips Gallery

Meet Dr. Michael Kissenberth

Bulldog Power - 2012

Citadel Strength and Conditioning

Morris Robinson - Bass - The Citadel Interview

Citadel Football 2009 – S & C Highlights - Welcome to the Dawg Pound

Citadel vs. South Carolina 1990 – Miracle Finish

Citadel Women's Football Clinic 2010

Citadel Women’s Football Clinic 2011

2011 Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Most Beautiful Citadel Bulldogs Inaugural Contest 2011

2012 Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Stray Dog Alley - Dog Walk 2011

Andre Roberts Highlight Video

Andre Roberts Punt Return Highlights  ’08 & ’09

Cortez Allen - Class Act Cornerback - Speaks on NFL Combine, Pro Day, and more

Duran Lawson -

Citadel Ring Statue Unveiling 2011

Citadel Ring Monument – Time Lapse Installation

Johnson Hagood Stadium - time lapse

Johnson Hagood Stadium - Animation

Johnson Hagood Stadium - Virtual Tour

The 1960 Tangerine Bowl - 50 Years Later

1961 SoCon Championship Football Team 50th Reunion

Citadel Football

Citadel Football Montage Sequence - Who Let The Bulldogs Out

Go Citadel Bulldogs -Beat VMI

Charleston - “City of Proud Memories” – In the Olden Days - 1934

Charleston, SC

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