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“A Labor of Love”

The Citadel Football Association under took the task of gathering as many past games as possible some seven years ago.  This took us in many different directions, from what could be found on campus, our opponent’s archives, former players, the internet, and other sources. 

Once gathered they had to be converted from their present format (16mm, VHS, Super VHS, Beta, and Super Beta) to being digitized onto DVDs.  John Carlisle approached John Daye of Columbia, SC, whom was already converting different media unto DVDs.  The two combined their efforts and equipment to accomplish one of the most amazing collections of its kind in the nation.

During the past six years some 458 games have been located and converted, representing one of the largest collections of a particular college games.  Our hope is to eventually have some 500+ or more games collected and digitized.  These are given to The Citadel which in turn are put on the school’s computer for permanent storage and use by the different Departments at The Citadel. 

Some of this material has already been used by the the External Affairs Office, Birgadier Foundation and Athletic Department in producing certain videos for their particular projects. 

If you should have any game film/tapes of Citadel games not listed on "List of Available Games" please contact John Carlisle ( and be a part of this great endeavor!

We wish to thanks the many individuals that have already contributed to this project!


"It's a Great Day to be a Bulldog!"