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Signing Night
Wednesday - February 01, 2017

Singning Night 2014 Signing Night in the Club Level of Johnson Hagood Stadium attended by 200 plus for 2016 Event.

This event is held every year on the Club Level in Johnson-Hagood Stadium on the evening of NCAA National Day of Intent for signing of student-athletes in football.

In attendance is the entire coaching staff and their spouses. Thisis one of the few times during the year that you get to meet and talk with the coaches and thieir wives in a informal setting. This occasion is very popular with membership.

Current members and their spouses of The Citadel Football Association can attend without charge.

The program includes supper and beverage, highlight clips of signees and press release information for each signee plus a recruiting re-cap by Head Coach Brent Thompsonof each signee.

There is also a raffle and auction of some football related items.

Non-members are welcomed but are required to pay for meal and beverage at the door of $25.00.

2016 Sponsors

Greg Bolen ‘97

Michael Calder ‘97

Jason Cline ‘97

Zan Edens ‘93

Jason Ralston ‘97

James Steed ‘97

Special Thanks to Board Member James Steed, the Chair Person for Signing Night.

"It's a Great Day to be a Bulldog!"