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First Year of Inter-Collegiate Football Team at the Citadel

Last Year after the class games of football had been completed, and it was seen what a success they were, both in interest and enthusiasm taken in them and in the physical development of the players, the question of football for the next year was talked of and this brought about the question, "Why can't we have inter-collegiate football at the Citadel?" This becamed widely dicussed on all sides, and it grew in favor with the faculity as well as the cadets, until it reached its culmination when it was decided to apply to the Board of Visitors for it. Consequently, when the Board of Visitors met in June, a petition was handed in asking for permission to play inter-collegiate football in the City of Charleston. It was granted, and thus arose football at the Citadel.

A manager was elected and he immediately set to work to find a coach and to arrange for a schedule of games. He was indeed fortunate in securing the services of Syd Smith, of Camden, an experienced football and baseball player. He played on the Charleston football and baseball teams. He arrived on October 1st, and practice commenced immediately. It could be seen at once that he had a hard task before him, only one or two of the men who presented themselves as applicants for positions on the team had ever played football before. Nevertheless, he went to work with skill and determination to put out a good team, and his efforts were not in vain, for soon it could be seen that the raw material was gradually becoming limbered up and quick. The team was gradually shaping itself into that formidable organization which was to uphold the Citadel on the gridiron.

The Team was finally definitely chosen, and the first game was played with the Porter Military Academy on October 14th. As this was our first game, the men were naturally a little nervous and excited, and this accounted for the score being a tie, 0-0. We should have won this game easily, but the boys were not disheartened, in the next game with them, on October 21st, we shut then out without any trouble by a score of 17 to 0.

Our next game was also played with Porter Military Academy, and in this game we again shut them out by a score of 5 to 0. We could not play any games for the next two weeks on account of the park being used for the Gala Week festivities. So our next game was played on November 18th with the Welch Neck High School (now Coker College), of Hartsville, and in this game the Citadel developed unexpected strength. The score at the end of the first half was 0 to 0. In the second half we made a touchdown on straight line plunges, but failed to kick goal. Immediately afterwards Welch Neck made a touchdown on a fluke and kicked goal, making the score 6 to 5 in their favor. No more touchdowns were made, although the Citadel was near the goal when the game ended. We hated losing this game very much, for we had outplayed our opponents at every stage of the game.

Our next game was on November 25th, with the Island Garrison. We were outweighted by about twenty pounds to the man in this game, and this accounted for the score of 10 to 0 in favor of the Island Garrison.

The last and biggest game of the season was played on Thanksgiving Day against South Carolina College. It was seen at once that we were outclassed in this game, and our lack of experience cost us dearly, for we were defeated by the score of 47 to 0.

When the petition previously referred to to granded, ther was one restriction on it, and that was that all games have to be played in Charleston. this was indeed a drawback, for no team likes to play all of its games at home. It likes to take a trip on the road. We hope, however, to have this removed by next year. In closing, no one can say that the first year of inter-collegiate football in the Citadel has not been a success, for when one thinks of the obstacles which we have to overcome, he will at once say that it has been a success. We have had a great deal to contend with that other colleges do not have to, and in spite of all this we have put out a team which has done remarkably well for the first year.

This article came from the 1906 Annual and was written by F.G.E.

Sidney (Syd) Smith (South Carolina College)-Coach, Frank G. Eason-Manager, James H. Hammond-Captain

Frank Eason & Ben Martin-Left End, Spigener-Left Tackle, Gamble-Left Guard, Fred LaRoache-Center, Ehrlich-Right Guard, Ted Russell-Right Tackle, Pollitzer & W.A. Smith-Right End, Waring- Quarter Back, Able & Frank Oaks-Right Half, Hutson-Left Half, James Hammond-Full Back, Substitutes-Eadie, J. Smith, Bethea.

October 14, 1905 / Citadel 0 - Porter Military Academy 0
October 21, 1905 / Citadel 17 - Porter Military Academy 0
October 28, 1905 / Citadel 5 - Porter Military Academy 0
November 18, 1905 / Citadel 5 - Welch Nech High School 6
November 25, 1905 / Citadel 0 - Island Garrison (Moultrie) 10
November 30, 1905 / Citadel 0 - South Carolina College 47

1905 Football Team Picture

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